Gē Urban Composter
After moving from Arizona to California, I instantly became more aware of the practice of composting; anyone who has at least had lunch in San Francisco will understand what I mean (and good luck finding a compost bin in a restaurant or public space in Arizona). Feeling inspired, I thought “maybe I can clean up my act at home too!” I did a quick search and was utterly disappointed at the lack of options available to anyone living in a tight, urban setting with little to no access to an expansive back yard.​​​​​​​
With this project, my goal is to provide to the world’s expanding population of urban dwellers an attractive and easy entry point into the lifestyle of composting. With Ge, people may begin to recycle some of their organic waste while they learn the ropes of composting. This product provides the starting point for a life-long habit and people can feel good knowing that they are doing one more thing to reduce their carbon footprint.
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