Hatch Duo partnered with Rubbish, a San Francisco-based startup. We brought the world’s first smart litter picker-upper to life! Through brand-focused design and engineering, we went through the process of redesigning Rubbish’s current beam to prepare it for scaling the brand. We emphasized Rubbish’s fun and playful nature and encourage others to clean up their communities.

However, it’s important to note that we worked on this entire project remotely, during the Covid-19 Pandemic. You can see in this case study how we not only used digital tools and remote tools to design, we virtually collaborated to maintain everyone’s safety. 

In the spirit of Rubbish's social platform, Hatch Duo collaborated in an open and social manner, documenting the whole process via our Hatch 22 docuseries. We invested time, love, and some design capital to get Rubbish to a functional/cosmetic prototype stage, as they enter their next funding milestones.

Role: Industrial Design, Mechanical Engineering, Cosmetic Prototype, and full documentary series. (Note: HD is invested in Rubbish)
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