Mixed Reality is the Future.

Augmented Reality (AR) software is slowly, but surely taking the workplace by storm because it has the ability to add to one’s vision. Whether a soldier needs realistic situations for in-field training, or a construction worker needs to visualize their next steps, ThirdEye mixed reality glasses will change how we see the world. Hatch Duo partnered with ThirdEye Generation to redesign and re-engineer their X2 Mixed Reality glasses. Because ThirdEye Generation is committed to developing cutting edge technology, our main objective was to capture a more modern essence in the device’s appearance and ergonomics. Within 4 months, we developed a new X2, resulting in new customer growth for ThirdEye Inc. and a design which could be produced at scale. 
Designed at Hatch Duo.
Respecting Ergonomics.

Because this was to be worn on the face, we spent significant time doing an exhaustive amount of ergonomic prototypes to validate our design, fit, and comfort. The result was a design that resonated within the industrial sector aesthetically, but also functioned to be comfortable for long periods of wear. ThirdEye has stated that this is the lightest MR Glasses set on the market.
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